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Cruciferous vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower, Brussels’s sprouts, cabbage, bok choy and kale all contain chemicals called indoles. Scores of studies over the past 20 years have shown that indoles help to prevent the development and spread of estrogen-sensitive cancer cells in prostate and breast tissue.  Recent research showed that breast tissue ages faster than any other tissue in the body.  It is hypothesized that this happens because the hormone, estrogen, causes breast tissue cells to reproduce more rapidly than most other tissues in the body.  As a result, these cells lose their telomeres faster and eventually can no longer divide. Indoles help to weaken the growth-stimulating effects of estrogen.  In dietary therapy, these vegetables are prescribed in amounts from 1/2 cup up to 3 cups per day.

If you don’t know how to cook, a simple way to prepare these vegetables is to just steam them for a few minutes.  Quite delicious with a little butter, sea salt and a spritz of lemon juice.

A quick note;  Ladies, if you are trying to become pregnant, the estrogen-lowering effects of these vegetables may lower your fertility.  Gentleman, for you this improves fertility and helps to prevent testosterone from being converted into estrogen.

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