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I just wanted to let eveyone know that I´m traveling in Ecuador with the amazing organization, Acupuncturists Without Borders.  I´m in Quito today, but communications may be very challenging over the next couple of weeks.  I may not have the opportunity to post.  Our group has hired an ethnobotanist as a guide so in addition to treating people with acupuncture in the smaller villages,we will be doing lots of hiking in the Andes and the Amazon and learning about local ecology and medicinal plants.  Very rough life for me.

If anyone would like to see photos I´ll try to post come on under the name Darwingirl1.

I´ve been receiving so many great comments and would like to thank everyone for taking the time.  A special thanks to

I wanted to leave you with an interesting article that

was published in JAMA in January discussing the effects of marine lipids, EPA and DHA on telomere length.  Here is a good assessment of the study.

Hopefully this link works…

With several fish populations declining from a combination of overfishing and sea water acidification, krill oil may be a better alternative omega 3 fatty acid source.  At least it´s lower on the food chain.

By the way, in areas like off the coast of Somalia fish populations along with the entire ecosystem are thriving as a result of pirate activity leading to reduced fishing.  Very reassuring that by removing the human factor, ecosystems recover well.

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