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Have a philosophical discussion with any good atheist or God-fearing man and he will present many arguments for why there is or is not life after death.  No one can definitively answer this question.  Perhaps this is because we are not asking ourselves the right question.  There are endless examples of daily universal events that demonstrate that there cannot be life without death.  Let’s look at the elements that make life possible.

In the previous post I discussed the (what I am proclaiming) universal law of Yin and Yang.  Everything in the Universe moves between the states of expansion and contraction.  As stars evolve they contract. They become progressively denser, smaller and hotter. As the spin and contraction of the star accelerate, it creates (becomes) a sequential cascade of elements each one more short-lived than its predecessor.  Hydrogen begets helium.  Helium begets carbon and oxygen…sodium, neon, magnesium…and so on.  Finally, for a brief moment before the star’s death, silicon becomes iron.  The star moves from contraction to expansion in a spectacular explosion forming a supernova and giving birth to the elements that make up our existence.  Supernovae are the key source of oxygen and the progressively heavier elements.  Is it any coincidence that the lightest key element that comes from a star’s death forms is oxygen?  It’s the essence of water and the essence of life on Earth.  Is it any coincidence that the final step in the death of a star creates iron, the very substance that enables us, and all the other animals, to hold life-giving oxygen in our blood?  

We are not a beginning nor are we an endpoint. These are concepts necessitated by the illusion of time existing in mass.  We are simply part of an ongoing process of expansion and contraction.

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