Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine ● Longevity Nutrition
“Every cell in our body has the ability to not only stop aging and damage but to reverse it. Learn how to “hack” into the biochemical pathway that hundreds of scientific studies have proven has the power to reverse . It’s not revolutionary, its evolutionary!”

Acupuncture &
Chinese Medicine

“…there is a link between environmental contaminants and chronic illness…”
Acupuncture - Traditional Chinese Medicine
Bridging the gap between Eastern and Western Medicines, Karen is passionate about acupuncture and herbal medicine.

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Longevity Nutrition

“…nutrients in food are only one small aspect of how nutrition and diet affect our physiology…”

Longevity Nutrition
True longevity nutrition is about knowing how to effectively prevent disease as well as identify and preempt any diseases that have already been set into motion.

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What Matters – Blog

“…are we slowly rendering our population incapable of developing natural, adaptive immunity?”

What Matters Blog

Exploring and explaining the parallels that exist within ancient wisdom and modern science to reveal a deeper understanding of humankind’s connection to Nature.

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“…science has demonstrated that the nutrients in food are only one small aspect of how nutrition and diet affect our physiology. The old perspective that we are mere victims to our genetic makeup has been replaced by the realization that every aspect of our environment determines how our genes are expressed to create who we are in this moment and who we will be in the future.”