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Greetings and gratitude to all my supporters and followers,

I have a series of posts coming up, especially for all of you, on the seemingly contradictory dilemma of the adverse health consequences of sugar and that fact that humans likely evolved eating significant amounts of fruit sugar. I will clarify the facts about the direct health consequences that fruit sugar has on the individual. This part will have very useful information for anyone who is trying to slow the aging process, prevent the onset of diseases like heart disease and diabetes, lose weight or heal certain health issues. Then I will move on to the topic of post-modern humans and the devolution that has occurred with the rise in consumption of fructose. Finally, I will discuss evidence and possible mechanisms, such as climate cooling and reduced availability of fruit, which may have led to necessary adaptations and changes to the reproductive strategies of humans which may have ultimately led to our increasing longevity.

On July 25th, I will be falling into technology-absence abyss and will be offline for three weeks as I travel across Mongolia on horseback. I will be with a small group of Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners from the World Healing Exchange Program and Acupuncturists Without Borders. We will be visiting several nomadic tribes and learning about their traditional medicine. I will be eager to share when I return. We will also exchange knowledge of our medicine and of course help them in any way we can. The best part…I get to wake up on my birthday to complete silence under the Mongolian sky.

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